With most realtors, buyers just trawl through a huge list of similar-looking homes – unaided and unattended. A listing doesn’t get more than 10 secs! You can well imagine how difficult it would be to grab the attention of a potential buyer in this scenario. We know exactly how to make you and your Home attract the attention of discerning buyers.

We ensure that all our clients who are listing their homes for sale are showcased in a completely personalized manner that will make them stand out from the usual crop of listings. We actually create and promote an entirely customized website for you just for your home!

Our Customized Services

  • Web Design and Development
  • Free Domain Hosting (www.YourHomeAdress.com)
  • Copywriting Services To Ignite Interest
  • Video and Photography Services
  • Target and Reach The Right Buyers

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    Our Strategy

    We offer our clients the services of our professional team of web designers and developers completely FREE. Each Home for Sale has its own standalone website complete with all the details of the building and eye-catching visuals.

    With your Personalized Website, we can guarantee that you will be able to sell your home FASTER and for MORE.

    Benefits of Using a Custom-Made Property Website:

    • Make your home appear more exclusive and lend credibility to your asking price.
    • Showcase Virtual Tour and High-Quality images for each room.
    • Allows the buyer to browse all features without getting distracted.
    • Gives you complete control of what you want to highlight in your home’s profile.
    • Community news, school information, nearby amenities to provide additional neighbourhood insight for buyers.
    • Public Updates on your Open House Schedule.
    • Give the buyers easy 24hour access to all the relevant information of the property in one place.
    • Allows the buyer to book at showing time at their own convenience!