We offer all our clients

  • Interior Decorating Services
  • Home Evaluation Services
  • Customized Staging Designs
  • Professional Videography and Photography
  • Access to Our Entire Range of Furniture and Furnishings

We start by performing a thorough assessment and evaluation of your property. We then send a Professional Stager to your home to discuss interior details and features that will really make your home stand out to a potential buyer! A walkthrough of the home is done and each room is carefully assessed, and a customized plan of action is made for anything that needs preparing, repairing or removing.  

Next is actually staging your home to be showcased. Our Professional Stager returns to the property to begin reorganizing and opening up the space so that is appears more appealing to a potential buyer. We bring appropriately styled furnishings, lighting, décor, and accessories to brighten up the entire property (interior and exterior) and highlight all of the home’s potential and top features. It’s little things about the home that will make the BIG difference to get SOLD! 

Our team will ensure that your home is at its highest potential and ready to hit the market! Once your home is looking its absolute best, we send Professional Photographers and/or Videographers to capture all of its key features. We use these high-quality images to begin marketing the property effectively. We then prepare a Full Colour Brochure of the home for potential buyers to take with them – keeping your listing top of mind even after a showing!  

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