Advertising is effective, but Exclusive & Customized Advertising is even better. We use a wide range of advertising channels, optimized to reach and attract a diverse pool of potential buyers. After all, the best way to get your asking price (and maybe even more) is to get lots of buyers negotiating for your Home!

When it comes to Advertising in the Real Estate Market, we are the experts. With our exclusive marketing reach and local expertise, we know exactly how to showcase your Home for Sale to the Right People in the Right Place, at the Right Time & for the Right Price.

Our Strategy

We ensure advertising that is effective. Our advertising process is holistic and uses a mix of traditional offline channels and online digital platforms to create laser targeted campaigns that will attract only the most SERIOUS potential buyers. Our 360° campaigns include –

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    Online Channels

    Offline Media Channels

    To sell your home FAST, we ensure that the Advertisement includes

    • Eye-catching Headlines to showcase your Homes unique features
    • Well written and well laid out Ad copy to describe all the relevant details and top-selling factors of your Home. This includes details such as whether your property is furnished or unfurnished, its unit configurations, its location, nearby areas and so on.
    • Stunning photos & videos to create attention-grabbing advertisements – We use professional photographers & videographers to capture the interior and exterior of your house, especially highlighting its best feature.
    • Geographically and Demographically placed ads throughout all major media channels.