Your home is special – you know that, but how do you convey it to all the potential buyers out there. Our Team, we know exactly how to present your listing effectively to the best-suited buyers.

Our team considers many factors when it comes to determining a target market for your property such as location, neighbourhood, potential buyers’ income, age, ethnicity, family size, price range, and much more. We take all of these factors to generate the best fit potential buyer profile for your home and direct our marketing efforts to these tailored groups of people. This is all included in our in-depth Neighbourhood Analysis we provide FREE of charge!

Things to consider: The key to getting your listing in front of the right potential buyer is to understand their user behaviour!  Who is your ideal buyer? What are they searching for? When are they looking to move? Where are they searching for listings? Why are they looking to relocate?

  • -Is it a Detached Home, Semi-Detached Home, Condo, or Townhome?
  • -Is it close to good schools or community centres?
  • -Is it close to amenities like grocery stores, shopping, hospitals, etc?
  • -Is it a family-oriented suburb, busy down-town area, countryside, etc?
  • -What are the major upgrades done to the home?
  • -& much, much more
Our extensive know-how and years of experience are sure to find the best-fit buyer for your home with less days on the market!

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